The Greatness of a Nation Destroyed by the Ignorance of a Political Party

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The unbridled ignorance of the Republican constituents exploited by GOP Leaders is not a theory or a topic for philosophical discussion; its manifestation was in full display on January 6, 2021; its effect continues to reverberate across the country, and the long lasting damage it has caused could very well be the roots for the fall of America.

Hogwash! Republicans might be quick to say.

Is it? Prove Me Wrong!

There is a new breed of ignorant who have invaded America while the rest of us were sleeping or busy making excuses for then impending tragedy. They make no apology for their actions or even the damages their actions have inflicted on the country. The widespread low self-esteem of most Republican constituents and the embrace of ignorance by millions as modus operandi, exploited by GOP Leaders whose lack of patriotism, disrespect for the Constitution and the rule of law have been on full public display for well over five years now have made the fall of America not an ideology or a topic of philosophical debate but rather an impending disaster the country ought to prepare for; it is inevitable. Ironically, it is perhaps one of the rare catastrophes which gave so many warning signs, all of which were unfortunately ignored by most everyone. The few who saw it coming minimized its gravity.

Woe to all those who shrugged it off! That was not a drill.


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