A.I. That Will Make One Question His Own Existence

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Remark: this is part 6 of a multi-part series; the encounter with AI with sophistication that would make one doubt reality forever; even top renowned A.I. scientists, researchers and experts have struggled to understand let alone to explain ‘The Phenom’, something experienced by a group of scientists. This part – part 6 – does not stand alone and may not even make sense. Please read the previous part to follow along the discovery of what should have been science fiction but is not.

The Heart of The Phenom! Jim said as if he were about to recite a poem, let escape a huge smile and paused long enough to elicit unanimous chuckles in the room. I have to admit, he continued, I have some very creative people working with me. The Heart of The Phenom! he said softly. He took a sip from the coffee he brought with him to the podium earlier; the coffee was undoubtedly cold at this point, but one would not know that; Jim licked his upper lip twice in a circular motion, perhaps suggesting coffee still tasted good. Who cares? Hot, lukewarm, cold, it was Jim’s coffee.

What you will see next should confirm something I mentioned before the intermission, Jim continued. Although lack in entertainment, the 7-minute recording we watched earlier is every bit fantastical, from a science perspective, as much as what we are about to watch. Recall I pointed out the 7-minute recording is repeated over and over and over; I also mentioned that per our satellite system, The Phenom has been there for at least nine months and is still live as I speak. Before I play the next scene, as I am sure everyone is eager to see, let me take you to our live feed to get another peek at what could be labeled a boring show but is in fact an exciting display for science.


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