The Machiavellian Nature of the GOP Leaders

There are not many ways one can explain the widespread ignorance of Republicans who have been under Donald Trump’ spells. As discussed in the article “The Stubborn Ignorance Of a Dying Political Party”, to talk to Trump’ supporters is much like trying to explain calculus to someone who can barely add two single digit numbers and get the right answer.

Such ignorance could be the symptom of a severely deficient mind, or an extreme case of utopia or a syndrome or perhaps a much bigger problem. Whichever it is, it’s impossible to deny there is a problem. Maybe, it is simply a disease for which no cure is yet available. Quite scary! Here in this context, we surmise that the ignorance displayed in the Republican circle is not confined to those without a college degree but rather to individuals who are unable to appreciate basic concepts of life. Hold your horses please! Do not throw any rock yet! Explanation is in order


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