The Greatness of a Nation Destroyed by the Ignorance of a Political Party

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It should surprise no one with an average intelligence that the four years of Trump’s administration put in display – starting with the WH press secretary (Sean Spicer then Sarah Huckabee then Kayleigh McEnany) – individuals who made lying to the American people a normal affair. Their boss, then president of the United States, could not tell the truth even if his life were to depend on it. By Washington Post tally, Republicans’ revered leader Donald Trump spewed on average 57 lies per day. Not even the devil could achieve such feat! Even when there was absolutely zero benefit to lying – such was in the case of the inauguration crowd – people who worked for the administration lied. That is in essence what defines the character of an individual no intelligent person would want to associate himself with.

Who would want to be seen with a liar?

Apparently, tens of millions of Republicans continue to worship an individual who will undoubtedly go down in history as the biggest liar that has ever occupied the Oval office, a crook and quite possibly the most corrupt individual to have become president of the United States. It is difficult for anyone, friends or foes, to argue against those facts. What remains a mystery is to explain why there are so many ignorant in a political Party who continue to believe, to repeat and to advance the lies, the deceptions which have destroyed America’s democracy. Ignorance, as I pointed out ad nauseam in my broadcast program, is the biggest threat to any society. Indeed it is. Today, America is in a steep decline due mostly to the widespread ignorance of almost everyone in the Republican Party; that could certainly lead to the fall of America.


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