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People Branch is a blog with a purpose. We don’t blog for the sake of blogging.

We don’t blog to have a better blog than others. We blog to change the world around us.

Hi, my name is Mike Ducheine, founder of People Branch, a blog dedicated to bring common sense into the process of governance. Neither one of the three branches of our government seems to be working on behalf of the people. There is very little hope for change. We may have to wait forever.

The Legislative Branch whose sole purpose (for existing) is to address the concerns of the people and attend to their basic needs has long decided
The People are not a priority.

So, instead of waiting for “Forever” to come, I founded the People Branch. The ambitious goal is to make it what the Legislative Branch was meant to be, a legitimate branch of the government which operates independently and attends fully, solely to the business of The People.

At People Branch, we address socio-political issues (local and global) which affect or impact your neighborhood, your community, your city, your state, your country or perhaps the world.

Our primary goal is to get you involved; our primary objective is  to help you reach your goal, live your dreams, reach your aspirations and make your neighborhood, your community, your city, your state, your country, your world a better place.

Our ultimate objective is to “change the nation” gradually for the benefit of “We The People”, irrespective of political affiliation.

We seek your contributions in the form of feedback, column writing and sharing this blog with others via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social medias. After all, the more people are involved the easier the task becomes.

We blog because you matter.
People Branch is not just another blog. It’s the blog at the service of the country, of
the world perhaps.

    Welcome to the People Branch!

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Email me at: mducheiney@gmail.com
Visit blog at http://peoplebranch.org
Use: #peoplebranch


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