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The parade of women which have lined up against Bill Cosby’s alleged past behavior contains a bit of irony.

Bill Cosby was popular as Mr. Huxtable and famous as the American Dad; Bill Cosby is now notorious as “the rapist who didn’t get caught”. At least, that’s what the alleged victims want us to believe. There are always two sides to any story; in this case, there seems to be plenty of sides. On one side, you have all the women which are coming out (the gate is still being flooded) and a sector of the population who believes that their stories have to be true; one person could be wrong, maybe two or even three but you cannot have an army of women accusing someone and for all of them to be wrong. On the other side, you have Cosby’s hardcore fans who believe this is preposterous that someone could rape all those women and yet not a single one came forward at the time those rapes were ongoing.

Who threw the first stone? We usually stay away from any story that’s not beneficial to a large sector of society (Read <<About>>); as it stands today, the Bill Cosby debacle seems to concern the women and Bill Cosby; we are just riding along the gossip bandwagon. Instead of just being nosy, we provided a compilation of Bill Cosby’s related images; a picture, they say, is worth a thousand words. Well, there are hundreds of them and they all have a thousand words to say. Your mission, should you decide to accept it is to point out the anomaly; there is only one. Coincidentally, there is also just one prize. You can solicit help from others (friends, neighbors, colleagues, etc…) The first person who spots and communicates the anomaly wins and puts an end to the competition.

Good Luck!

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