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Author Bio

Mike Ducheine is an MBA graduate of the University of California whose love for reading and writing led him to forego most everything to go back to school again to study journalism and communication, the field into which he obtained yet another degree.
Mike began looking into Obama’s presidency as a research for an article which would outline Obama’s accomplishments. – both successes and failures – Two months into the research, Mike had compiled materials which turned a news worthy article task into a book project. In “The OBAMA Legacy”, Mike discusses in great details the difficulty of Obama’ presidency and his approach to outwit his opponents in most everything he did. From the nuclear deal agreement with Iran to the lifting of the embargo on Cuba, Obama operated in the strictest secrecy, the most effective weapon of his presidency.

In Mike’s own words, “I didn’t set out to write a book about Obama Legacy;  in fact, I was not at all interested about the topic for the simple reason that many books were already written about Obama. However, when I was tasked to write an article about his presidency, – one year before he exits the Oval Office – I discovered a lot of misinformation about Obama’s presidency. I noticed that not much was said about Obama which did not have a political flavor. That was enough incentive for me to “dig into” his presidency and “unearth” the truth. That was in essence how it all started.”

Shortly thereafter, Mike released his second book “Defiant for America”, a book which takes the reader through the journey that led to Trump’s presidency; this book also provides the reader a glimpse at what Mike thinks President Trump should and shouldn’t do if he wants to make a positive impact in the world.

Mike Ducheine born Michel J Ducheine of French descent, immigrated into the United States to study medicine. Instead, Mike pursued a degree in Computer Sciences in which field he graduated, obtained a bachelor of science degree and began a career in technology.

After a few years working for several organizations in various roles, – from computer engineer to Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Vice President of Strategy – Mike returned to school to obtain a degree in Business Management in 2003 at the University of California. Mike graduated cum laude with a 3.9/4.0 GPA. He pursued an MBA at the same school and graduated in 2005 with a 3.5 GPA. Also in 2005, Mike obtained a certificate of achievement from Cornell University for work done in the field of Finance.

Mike expressed a passion for reading and writing at a very young age; at 17, he had already read the Bible three times cover to cover. At the age of 18, Mike wrote a 100-page essay (in French) about the difficult assimilation of artificial organs into the human body. His insatiable thirst for knowledge and his passion for writing nudged him to pursue a degree in journalism; he graduated in June 2014 with a degree in journalism and communication.

Currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of InterNotes Mobile Corp, Mike spends his spare time publishing opinions on The People Branch blog http://peoplebranch.org. Mike writes to address government wrongdoing and society entrenched bias; he is a fierce enemy of social injustice.
Mike’s twitter handle is: @mducheiney.