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This is the People Branch website. It’s a source of factual information, geared towards the ultimate objective of removing the biggest obstacle – IGNORANCE – which stands in the way of a more perfect union. The People Branch is a venue with one purpose, to educate , to inform, to encourage involvement, participation in the affairs of the country.

Well, you’ve heard that before. Everyone wants to educate you so that you can make better decisions. Hmm!

Really, the purpose of the People Branch is twofold; 1) to educate you about politics and social issues independent of your political affiliations; 2) to encourage you to take action. This website tackles events that have impact on communities, be it a city, a state, a country or even the world; the purpose is not to report or discuss news or current affairs. Traditional media is already doing that. The goal is to put events in context so you can see its impact on yourself, your neighbors, your offspring and future generations. The ultimate objective is for you to do something about it. To simply hear the news or learn about what’s going on around you is at time depressing.

People Branch is about The People; therefore, you, your friends, your family, your neighbors are all invited to participate in the discussions, not for the sake of discussions, but with the objective to change the world around you.

Occasionally, we break away from the depressing world around us and indulge in discussing TV Shows, celebrities; it’s just one of the many ways we recharge our mental ability to face the world and press on with our objective.

Washington is broken; politicians are liars, crooks, evil. We’ve heard that all the time. We blame everybody, the politicians, the lobbyists, Wall Street, the Rich and the Famous, the Wealthy. And we retract into “our cocoons”, slowly heading to our graves, leaving things worse than our parents and grandparents; future generations have no chance if we continue to be so passive. This is not a call to take arms, and there is no need to do so. This is a wake-up call to take back the country from those we’ve elected to represent us. They’ve been self-serving, with very little regard for  The People. This is a call to change that without regard to your Party. For True Freedom Can Only Exist If We All Strive To Defend The Rights Of Even Those We Disagree With.

People Branch is a venue at the service of the country, of the world perhaps. Join In. Contribute to this website; write a column; offer your skills to make the site better; raise money to help with equipment, research, investigation. Help Us Make The World Better, if not for us, For Our Children and Our Children’s Children.

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Email me at: mducheiney@gmail.com
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