The Greatness of a Nation Destroyed by the Ignorance of a Political Party

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Whether it’s recognized or not, accepted or not America has now the largest group of ignorant – tens of millions – led by individuals (the GOP Leaders) who want to keep it that way because the ignorance of their followers, their supporters, their fans secure their political career, their job and guarantee their wealthy lifestyles on the back of those ignorant who continue to support them.

Logic, facts, truth out of the window, they justify their evil acts by pointing to the other side as evil, enemy of the country or anything similar and blaming everybody else for the damages their actions have caused to the country, to the Constitution, to the rule of law. GOP Leaders have so successfully managed to dumbify the Republican constituents it takes them no effort at all to hold on to power. They don’t have to abide by the oath of office they took; they don’t have to uphold the Constitution; they don’t even have to follow the rule of law. Neither they nor their supporters have moral compass or a shred of decency that could guide them to do what’s right by the country. In their twisted minds, the destruction of norms, the trampling of the rule of law and the dismissal of the Constitution are justified if that helps them to achieve their nefarious objective, such was the case of attempting to subvert the outcome of the election on January 6 2021.


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