January 6 2021 Was the Ribbon Cutting for the Anti-Democratic Style of Government Republicans Have Always Wanted

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Remark: This is part two in the series “ADP – A Political Party Determined to Destroy America” in which we place a great deal of focus on January 6, 2021 to explain the behavior of the members in a political party – GOP we now referred to as ADP – who have deliberately chosen to promote conspiracies in order to achieve nefarious objectives that are contrarian to our system of democracy. The analysis done in this series is to expose the real intent of the ADP leaders, in the hope The People, at least those who are genuine patriots, can stand up to defend the Republic against those bad actors who wear masks of patriots and claim to love the country but in reality they work openly to destroy democracy in America. The ADP members’ actions on January 6, 2021 were not expressions of freedom but rather fraudulent, dangerous & treasonous act against the Republic. This part – part 2 – does not stand alone. Please read the previous part for completeness of this analysis.

The unrepentant should never be trusted under any circumstance; his next action will always be worse than the previous, the one he never repented from. As of this writing, there has yet to be a single Republican who, after taking part in or participated or supported or encouraged or condoned the January 6 2021 insurrection, would acknowledge having done anything wrong. Not a single GOP Leader! Not a single Republican supporter!

And on Monday October 4, 2021, the second highest GOP Leader from the previous administration, Vice President Mike Pence appeared on Sean Hannity program and downplayed the appalling act of insurrectionincited by his former boss, Donald Trump – executed by Republican mobs of outlaws who were open to do anything (including killing) to keep Trump in the Oval Office by ignoring the will of The People; but according to Mike Pence, ‘it was just ONE tragic day’ the media has made a big deal out of. To most Republicans, the coup attempt on democracy is no big deal; we should all just move on. Mike Pence will seek the presidency of the United States in the 2024 presidential elections; just like his boss, he will be embraced and welcomed by the Republican constituents because he is the caliber of individuals Republican constituents look for in a leader. Just recently, Chuck Grassley, R-IA Senator, defended Trump’s behavior of January 6, 2021 by suggesting that Trump did the right thing; in his comment, he implied since the coup attempt didn’t succeed, we should accept Trump did the right thing in the end.

NEVER trust the unrepentant! Never!


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