Most Republicans in Washington Prove They’re No Patriots


Most Republicans seem incapable to understand the simple concept that the interference of a foreign government in our system of democracy is NOT ACCEPTABLE under any circumstance.

Republicans Like To Claim They Are Patriots but time and again, they prove to be anything but… Their actions (vis-a-vis the country) puzzle our allies and even baffle our enemies. Despite repeated claims, most Republicans including GOP Legislators have no concept of patriotism (many equate citizenship with patriotism). It’s not.

Want proof? Since the 2016 presidential race, a) Donald Trump has publicly communicated and invited the country number one enemy Russia to interfere in our internal affairs, b) GOP Representatives have turned their heads the other away even after learning from several intelligence agencies that Russia meddled in our elections, c) some have even ignored what has become a public display of regular obstruction of justice by Donald Trump, all of which need no explanation to ascertain that Republicans’ allegiance is not with the United States of America. Most, really most Republicans prove to be anything but patriotic.


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