No Incentive to Uphold Oath of Office when Ignoring the Constitution is Rewarded

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A child whose parents never issue correction or punishment will grow up to be a nuisance to society, for s/he will expect everyone to put up with his tantrum, his arrogance, his obnoxiousness. Don’t we all know a child like that? At no other time in the existence of America was it ever more obvious than under the Trump administration that GOP Leaders show disdain for the rule of law and contempt for the Constitution they took an oath to protect; and yet they continue to enjoy wide support of the Republican constituents as if nothing had happened. Some – with extreme views such as Marjorie Taylor Greene, Kevin McCarthy, to name only those two – have become even more popular.  So, one must ask the obvious question, what incentive Republican elected officials and political appointees have to do what’s right when their supporters approve their wrongdoing time and time again, support and defend their disloyalty to America?

Don’t expect things to get better, for as of date they all – GOP Leaders and Republican constituents – have refused to even acknowledge let alone take responsibility for their actions during the Trump’ tenure as president, and they continue to defend their position against the Constitution as justifiable. Read that again: people who took an oath to protect the Constitution offer justification to go against the Constitution!


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