The Greatness of a Nation Destroyed by the Ignorance of a Political Party

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What happened to the country the day “the sleazebag” became the 45th president of the United States is nothing short of nightmares.

As a country, we have had our shares of bad and mediocre presidents; not everyone can be a great man (or woman). But all our presidents before “that scumbag” have one thing in common, they were all patriots who love the country; none of our past presidents, minus the sleazebag, would cozy up to our enemy while alienating our friends and allies. For four years, the country would be in a complete state of chaos caused exclusively by the individual whose primary job is to prevent that from happening.

In the past few days since we’ve begun the writing of this piece, the rumor mills suggest “the moron” who has singlehandedly destroyed America’s democracy is considering another run for the office of the presidency; the latest survey also suggests that most Republicans would support him.

Surprising? Hardly!

As I mentioned time and again for well over six years, the greatest threat America is now confronting is not China or Russia or North Korea, it is the Republicans, the same people who claim to be Christians, the same people who claim to have moral values, the same people who claim to be patriots; it is those same people whose ignorance will undoubtedly precipitate the fall of America.


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