Even as President, Trump Was Always Insignificant

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The damage done by Trump to America – and perhaps to the world – as president is no less disastrous than Hitler’s to the world then. To the Republican constituents, the problem is the ‘damn’ Democrats. They believe that; they actually said it. According to the same survey mentioned earlier, Republicans believe Russians are less of a threat than Democrats.

This is not politics as usual! Republicans work to destroy everything America stands for (or used to); they do not even bother to hide their desire to shred the Constitution their leaders took an oath to protect and defend. They already take a side, it’s not America, it’s not democracy and it’s not freedom. Their leaders trample the rule of law, give the finger to the Constitution, give the finger to the Constitution (worth repeated) they swore to protect. They, the Republican constituents, cheer their leaders for doing so.

As it should be obvious by now, Donald Trump’s relevance has always been insignificant; it’s the ignorance of the Republicans, their pretext of love for and their betrayal of the country, their embrace and support for mediocrity and incompetence as leadership qualities that have elevated corrupt individuals like Donald Trump to the highest office in the land, a move that has undoubtedly already contributed to the impending collapse of America.

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