Even as President, Trump Was Always Insignificant

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Their incomprehensible rationale to embrace evil and justify wrongdoing renders the Republican Party to remain the greatest threat the United States has ever confronted. In the past five years alone, most Republicans – Leaders and supporters alike – have acted in ignorance, selfishness, betrayal and out of hatred for their fellow countrymen Democrats. The GOP Leaders have succeeded to convince one another and their supporters it’s the Democrats that represent a threat to the country. And yet they are the ones who have elevated the least patriotic, the most selfish and perhaps the most corrupt individual as leader they all submit to with utmost obedience so as to justify violating the oath of office they took; some even worship him as a god they convince themselves everyone should bow down to.

Republicans believe that to stand up for the Constitution, to prosecute corruption and to criticize elected officials who have violated the oath of office is the real danger. The few Republicans who have acted with decency and tried to help save the Republic are accused of being RINO or part of some grand conspiracy (deep-state conspiracy they call it). As of this writing, there is absolutely no one in the Republican leadership who cares enough about the future of this country to even try to slowing down the internal hemorrhage of our democracy.

Everything Republicans have done in the past five years alone contribute a great deal to precipitate the inevitable collapse of America, the country which used to represent the bastion of freedom, the cradle of democracy, a shelter for those who are persecuted (in their own countries for political reasons). The United States has been in decline for many decades but with the election of Trump in 2016 as the 45th president, and the GOP Leaders’ complicity to helping him shred the Constitution they all took an oath to protect and defend, America’ collapse is almost certain. Today, to refer to the United States as the greatest country in the world is perceived as a joke on the world stage; it is a very sad joke indeed.

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