The Phenom – AI That Purposely Confuses

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Remark: this is part 5 of a multi-part series; the encounter with AI with sophistication that would make one doubt reality forever; even top renowned AI scientists, researchers and experts have struggled to understand let alone to explain ‘The Phenom’, something experienced by a group of scientists. This part – part 5 – does not stand alone and may not even make sense. Please read the previous part to follow along the discovery of what should have been science fiction but is not.

Following the presentation during which 7-minute recording of The Phenom was shown, Jim braced himself for the reactions of the general public who perhaps expected to see something different, something really from the twilight zone.

Is that it? was the initial reaction from many people in various corners of the world according to reporting by various news media networks.

But to an audience comprised of scientists from around the world, Jim expected overwhelming enthusiasm and excitement; after all, it’s not every day scientists have the opportunity to see firsthand the work of inhabitants from other planets.

As far as Heads of States’ reactions after watching the display of the Phenom, there was no need to speculate. Politicians would always react the way politicians have always reacted, with reservation.

For the audience in the room however, there was plenty of time to react; they knew or suspected there was more to The Phenom.


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