The Phenom – AI That Purposely Confuses

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Jim suggested a 30-minutes break before proceeding (with the presentation). Maybe it was purposeful; maybe Jim wanted to observe further the reactions in the room; maybe Jim wanted to hear others’ opinions after they watched the recording. From Jim’s perspective, it was the right place to introduce a pause. Before continuing, Jim deemed it necessary to understand what scientists from around the world thought of what they just watched. After all, The Phenom was right in the domain of science. Knowing what they just witnessed was not man-made, there was plenty for science to investigate and research. Sure, they might have wished for a shocking – Hollywood style – display but what Jim presented thus far should be earth shattering to the scientific community.

From around the world, most Heads of States expressed reservation; they all wanted to watch the remaining presentation before “making any comment”; that was their way of saying they were not impressed; they did not yet see anything worthwhile their time. No surprise here!

Interestingly, the young who showed interest in science and also oddly the gamers who watched Jim’s presentation on TV found what was discussed awesome, cool. Those youngsters sounded more excited than the scientists who were in the room attending the presentation.

To some extent, Jim seemed to have succeeded in his experiment. He withheld the most important aspect of The Phenom to elicit reactions from audiences around the world. Politicians reacted as one would expect them to; they are masters of deception, they can spin right into wrong, good into bad let alone express opinion on matters they have no understanding of, science. But as far as the scientists however, their reaction was a bit disappointing; Jim must have felt that way as well as it would be obvious in his words when he continued after the intermission.

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