AI or Cyborg, Intelligence Humans CANNOT Compete With

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Remark: this is part 3 of a multi-part series; the encounter with AI with sophistication that’s beyond human’s intelligence; even top renowned AI scientists, researchers and experts have struggled to understand let alone to explain ‘The Phenom’, an experience that is truly unbelievable. This part – part 3 – does not stand alone and may not even make sense. Please read the previous part to follow along the discovery of what should have been science fiction but is not.

Jim was well regarded in the scientific community for his work. He was handpicked by the President of the United States to head the Research Team he was then responsible for. His presence in Washington signaled something serious, critical, troubling even, for Jim had built a reputation of avoiding Washington at all time. Since he was assigned to his current position, Jim conducted all his business with Washington via video conference.

Not even the President – who appointed him to that post – could get Jim to return to Washington under the best of circumstance. That is perhaps the main reason every scientist in the nation wanted to be present to hear what Jim had to say. Even scientists abroad who became aware of Jim’s presence in Washington dropped everything to be there; some even had to take red eye flights not to miss “the big event”.

What should have been a quick trip to confer with others in order to get fresh ideas about The Phenom had become a full fledge week of presentations, discussions with anticipated excitement, disappointment and undoubtedly disbelief and shock.


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