The Phenom – AI That Purposely Confuses

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He said “The 7-minute recording presented earlier was no small feat. We, mankind, can finally conclude with certainty we are not alone in the Universe. Surely, it would have been entertaining to watch Extra Terrestrials dancing, walking, holding hands or kissing. Hollywood would be elated, but the point would be missed. What we saw is more important, perhaps crucial to our own evolution, to our own existence.

We watched the work of a civilization who is able to produce this type of sophisticated drawing that may be the output of brain waves; it could be a mean of communication; it could be a peek at life in that civilization.

What if the drawing we saw was a way of communicating to the rest of the Universe? What if that drawing is part of a grand plan to change the course of life in the Universe, broadcasted to all planets? What if an answer is supposed to be provided? What if the non-participation of a planet is a forfeiture of rights of the residents of that planet (to have any input into the matter of the Universe)? What if we, mankind, are the only planet incapable of understanding let alone providing feedback?

While all those questions – and myriads of others – might make us feel as if we all just entered the twilight zone, it is exciting, it is scary at the same time. It is nevertheless the most important and perhaps the most consequential time in our existence.

We scientists are not actors whose job is to entertain; I am not here to entertain. I am here so we can combine our knowledge in order to figure out what exactly is what we just saw. My apology to anyone here who feels otherwise! The fate of mankind could depend on us scientists to understand, to translate and perhaps to communicate feedback, answer. Maybe it was not an accident our satellite captured that phenomenon; maybe it is a form of broadcasting that’s repeated over and over and over just like we have here for and during national emergency. Maybe, that’s the reason the 7-minute we showed earlier is repeated over and over and over.

Obviously, I do not have the answer but as mentioned earlier, it could be a form of communication to all Planetarians; its importance cannot be minimized because of lack of entertaining factors.”

What would you add?

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