To Impeach Trump Is The ONLY Way To Save America

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No patient with a maligned tumor – especially in the head – can expect to survive without the removal of the cancer; to save the United States of America, Donald Trump MUST be impeached and removed from office.

It is impossible to exaggerate the level of corruptions, wrongdoings, ineptitude, incompetence and chaos in the Trump administration. It is unprecedented. The world has had dictators, ruthless dictators, corrupt governments and yes incompetent ones but no one alive (or dead) has ever witnessed the amalgam of incompetence and corruptions in full display, regularly, deliberately as it has been since Donald Trump’s occupied the Oval Office. If there is ever a reason to impeach a president, Donald Trump’s behavior, corruptions and selfish pursuit of enrichment at the tax payers’ expenses gives many, plenty. As of date, Donald Trump represents the embodiment of what Democratic countries should never allow to happen.


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