Even as President, Trump Was Always Insignificant

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Much unfortunately, monsters have a way of making their victims feel good before devouring them. Adolf Hitler was one such monster; the Germans loved him; he had 90%+ approval rating and support of the German population; equally as many revered him. Through the Republican prism, Adolf Hitler would be considered a good guy today.

Don’t believe me?

In spite of all the details that have come to light to confirm the extent to which Trump had gone to dismantle everything America (used to) stands, most Republicans continue to yearn for him. Just a few short weeks ago, a survey published in Politico found that Republicans prefer Vladimir Putin over Joe Biden. Even talking heads like Sean Hannity express admiration for Vladimir Putin over Joe Biden. There is no denying that Republicans in general, GOP Leaders in particular represent the greatest threat to America.

The United States is today exactly where Germany was in Hitler’s time. To the Germans, Hitler was the only individual worth listening to; no one else’s opinion mattered.

The Republican constituents have for the past five years – with the elections of Donald Trump in 2016 – displayed a similar behavior. It was Trump who had the answer to everything, including prescribing cure for the pandemic (bleach please); it was only Trump who could fix the economy; it was Trump who could fix everything; it was Trump who should be worshipped as America’ savior. To Republicans, Donald Trump is the answer to every problem despite evidence he’s caused much of it and the greatest harm to our democracy.

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