America is Screwed – Most GOP Leaders Bet their Careers on Deceptions

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United States, ‘The greatest country in the world’, has been run mostly, most of the time by morons, elected, re-elected by armies of idiots, paid, bought, influenced, conned and duped by greedy bastards – wealthy individuals and corrupt politicians – who don’t give a rat ass about the future of the country.

Long pause here… Breathe!

If you sense anger, frustration in the above paragraph, you’re not wrong but it’s only half the story; the situation is much dire and is caused almost exclusively by individuals in a very specific group in the country. I am beyond outraged. There are two types of individuals I do not associate myself with: idiots and hypocrites. It would probably take God’s intervention to change that (or perhaps – closer to home – an Act of Congress)

That last statement was a joke. Scratch that.


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