Even as President, Trump Was Always Insignificant

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One would think that after more than 240+ years, those who took an oath to protect and defend our democracy would have a sliver of patriotism and do what’s right by the Constitution. Yet, in the midst of the 21st century, Republicans exclusively, the same individuals who claim to love the country are the very people who work to destroy the most important aspect of what has made America the envy of the world, its democracy. They do it openly; they do it publicly; they rationalize doing that; they provide justifications; they cheer, they clap, they celebrate running the country to the ground.

Republicans in general, GOP Leaders in particular are elements who don’t ‘give a rat ass’ about our democracy, the Constitution, and the future of this Republic. They would all swear they love the country but their actions have thus far caused more damage than any of our enemies could ever wish to inflict on America. Sadly, the Leaders are able to convince millions of naïve, gullible and ignorant Republican supporters the destruction of America is beneficial to them and good for America; and it is he Democrats who don’t care about the future of the United States, they say.

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