Flashing the Anti-Semitism Card – the Sequel

If you read the aforementioned documentary Israel Can Do No Harm, you are now aware of the fact that Israel has been in the wrong for well over 65 years. They continue to be in violation of UN Resolution 181(II) without paying any price; when Iraq violated UN Resolution 687 (& 1441) of the UN Charter, US went to war in order to enforce Iraq into compliance; at least, that was what the US government provided as explanation to taking the United States into a war escapade.

The fight between Israel and the Palestine has been a staple in the Middle East. The issue is quite simple to explain: Israel stole Palestinian lands; the people of the Palestine want their lands back. What’s so difficult to comprehend? The solution is not as complicated either, as many “experts (Middle East Experts we call them)” would like the rest of the world to believe. Israel stole Palestinian lands; Israel should return the stolen lands to their rightful owners, the Palestinians. There is nothing complicated about that.

It is made complicated because conflicts between Jews and Arabs serve multiple purposes for several parties that find the war between the two People profitable, at the very least beneficial.

Israel gets to muddle the issue, play the victim, court the sympathy of the West, and enjoy free pass to slaughter defenseless children, women and young boys in the name of “Israel has the right to defend itself” refrain echoed by most western governments.

The western governments in general, US in particular, get to justify unbridled support for a Jewish state surrounded by “Arab terrorists” who are looking for every opportunity to hurt Jews, is the thinking of the west. The United States provides/sells billions of dollars in arms and war equipment every year to Israel without any scrutiny or objection from US Legislators, irrespective of which political Party is in control. It is also worth noting that just like Israel did in the 1940’s, its leaders use US to leverage concessions from Russia, making such arrangement an incentive for US to continue to provide unconditional support to the Jewish State. Israel has been playing both sides for over half a century now.


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