Voters’ Frauds Claims Is a War Worth Fighting Against

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The relation between voters’ fraud claims and war couldn’t be anymore striking today. Both must have a boogeyman – an enemy, a villain – in order to be relevant. The world was recently ‘witness (or spectator)’ to a horror movie playing in the Middle East. The conflict between Israel and the Palestine had flared up again; it was very bad news all around. Even the use of the expression ‘Israeli-Palestino conflict’ to refer to the frequent confrontations between the two States is a disservice to society; the expression hides the ugliness of deadly assaults on the Palestinians, the indiscriminate bombing of residential areas, the killing of children and other civilians. The expression has long given cover to Israel to commit war crimes without any fear of reprisals or even punishment by the international community. (update: a truce or cease fire has been reached and returned the state of the region to its original cat and mouse deadly game between Israel and the Palestine)

Any criticism of the atrocities committed by Israel is Anti-Semitism, the huge umbrella the West has provided for Israel to take cover under. It is a permanent conflict – with intermissions of course – which has cost the lives of thousands of Palestinians and perhaps a few hundred Jews. On the surface, it seems the conflict is just a deadly fight between two neighbors who can’t seem to get along. Such belief cannot be so further from the truth. The Israeli-Palestino conflict is the ace card, the tools used by cunning Jewish politicians like Netanyahu to stay relevant, at the cost of thousands of Palestinian lives and a few Jews. Hamas, Abbas and other leaders (or leader aspirants) on the Palestine side also gain relevance during conflicts. The more casualties, the better; the longer the fight, the better for the leaders’ exposure to their respective people! They’ve used tragedies as opportunity to further their selfish agenda.


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