Flashing the Anti-Semitism Card – the Sequel

Imagine the following scenario: you just bought (or inherited) a beautiful house with 0.5 acre of land. Before you had a chance to fence your property, the guy next door put a fence around his. You quickly found out the guy next door infringes on a portion of your property; he took 60% of your land (0.3 acre); put bluntly, the guy next door neighbor stole your land; when you confront the neighbor, he acknowledges he takes a portion of your land but he also mentions he has no intention of giving it back. So, you file a complaint against the neighbor and a claim against the illegal, illegitimate seizure. When called in front of a judge, the neighbor sets conditions to return your land

  1. you cannot turn on the external light before 7pm
  2. you cannot have any pet outside
  3. you cannot have anyone over without his approval
  4. you cannot organize birthday partys (or any other) without clearing it with him first
  5. you must pay him a yearly fee to continue to live in that property

If those conditions sound ridiculous, and they are, that’s exactly the predicament the Palestinians find themselves into vis-à-vis Israel. After stealing their lands, a violation of UN Resolution 181 (II), Israel posed conditions – that would be unacceptable to anyone – to return the lands to the Palestinians. Keep in mind that Israel has no intention of returning the stolen lands. Only naïve individuals believe Israel would. To Americans, it doesn’t matter anyway because Israel Can Do No Harm.


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