Flashing the Anti-Semitism Card – the Sequel

The everlasting fight (renewed in 1948) between those two People began when Israel decided NOT to abide by the UN Resolution 181(II) which called for the creation of Independent Arab and Jewish States. The Palestine – HAMAS is a group that has been fighting on the Palestinian side to achieve that objective – has been asking the UN to enforce the Resolution to no avail. Ironic, isn’t it? UN is only ready to enforce its resolutions when US wants that to be the case, such was in the case of Iraq. Israel has been in violation of UN Resolution 181(II) since 1948; as of date, there has not been any attempt by any western country to force Israel into compliance. Instead, most have blamed Hamas, labeled it a terrorist group thus making it all the more difficult for the Palestine to get their lands back; that’s in essence the gist of the endless conflicts between Israel and the Palestine.

Those conflicts have been ongoing for so long, the reasons are lost in the fight. As much as the “Middle East Experts” would want us to believe, the main reason today – there were plenty in the past – is that the Palestinians want their lands back. How hard should that be?


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