Tax The Rich? Oh No!

The Joe Biden administration revealed an ambitious proposal that will cost approximately $4T according to estimates, which he proposed to pay for by taxing the Rich a little bit more. Is it a good idea? How will the plan change the political landscape?

Landmines! Landmines!

The Rich are not used to this type of bad treatment, to be taxed; that’s a sacrilege. Besides, what’s wrong with having just the working class people to carry the burden of government expenses – waging futile wars, rewarding allies, paying terrorists and giving financial incentives to profitable corporations from time to time – all the while making sure the rich increase and preserve their wealth? What’s wrong with that?

You see, the rich are not used to spending money on frivolous matters like taxes. They invest their money in mutual funds, in the stock market, in real estate, in business ventures, travel in private jets, own private beaches. The People, the working class have always carried the heavy tax burden by themselves; they’ve never complained; the GOP Leaders know that; the Republican constituents understand that, why don’t Democrats? Rich people are not supposed to be treated like the rest of us; they’re special people. They have money; they have status they ought to preserve.


What would you add?

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