Middle East Crisis – The Solution

The solution to the everlasting conflicts between Israel and the Palestine is very simple, Israel needs to return the lands it took from the Palestine. There is nothing complex about that. Imagine your neighbor comes to your place and takes your car; when you attempt to get it back, he threatens you and your family. It’s an impasse, isn’t it? After several unsuccessful attempts, you call the police. When the police arrives your neighbor sets conditions for you to get the car back. If that sounds ridiculous – and it is – that’s exactly what Israel has done to the Palestinians. After taking their lands (see picture above), Israel has set conditions for the Palestine to get some (not all) of their lands back. That is in essence the simplest explanation of the conflicts between Israel and the Palestine. How would you get your car back if the police cannot help? What if your neighbor claims that he seized the car because it made too much noise? What if one of the conditions is to pay a mechanic to replace the exhaust system, would you do it? Would your neighbor have any right to seize your car, let alone set conditions to return it?

You are either unconcerned about the conflicts in the Middle East between Israel and the Palestine or you express some interest or you are deeply interested and concerned. But regardless which group you fall into, one thing is common among all groups, the way they feel: “those damn Palestinians! Why can’t they just?” It so happens that most Americans favor Israel no matter what; forget about Israel frequent atrocities towards the Palestine, forget about the fact that Israel has wronged the Palestinians for almost seven decades now, forget about the fact that Israel’s terror group (Lehi) had used the same tactics Hamas is using today. Forget all that. The only thing which seems to matter to most Americans is that our government unconditionally supports Israel no matter what (please pardon the redundancy).

The scary part?

Most Americans believe God is okay with that (Read Is God a Monster ). There is no end in sight; candidates who vie for the office of the presidency have been advocating similar policy for the Middle East.

The Problem?
Most Americans are completely ignorant in regards to history in the Middle East; they get their knowledge either from the US government or the American media, both of which propagate false information, the government deliberately, the media out of ignorance and bias. There lies the biggest obstacle to implementing a solution for the endless conflicts between Israel and the Palestine

The Solution?
In light of the renewed conflicts between Israel and the Palestine, it is appropriate to revisit the factors which have made it near impossible to implement the solution which was proposed well over six decades ago by the United Nations. The State of Israel was created in 1948 to provide a home for the Jews already in the regions and those (the Holocaust survivors) returning from various locations in Europe.

Needless to rehash the complex details behind the Israeli-Palestinian conflicts which have already claimed the lives of generations of Palestinians! Some religious fanatics even suggest those conflicts will never end until the return of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the World. (Watch for my upcoming book Peace in the Middle East, an Accident Bound to Happen).

Irrespective of beliefs and regardless of who is at fault for provoking the recent conflicts, the West in general and the United States in particular have made the prospect of implementing the solution proposed by the United Nations (UN Resolution 181(II)) impossible. Notice I did not suggest “to find a solution” because sixty years (60) ago, a solution was proposed and agreed upon by both Israel and the Palestine. However, Israel has singlehandedly prevented the implementation of UN Resolution 181(II) and the United States has condoned Israel’s action, thus giving its government license NOT to comply with United Nations resolutions. Most unfortunately, United Nations (if the agency can be so called) has always bent to the wishes of the West in general, US in particular, thus making it impossible to enforce its own resolutions vis-à-vis Israel.

The US public has always faulted the Palestinians for the bloodbath in the region. To the chagrin of the Palestinian people, the shameless, unethical and biased American media have always framed the discussions to portray the Palestine as the aggressor and Israel the victim. Far from it! As it stands today, Israel has been solely responsible for the conflicts with the Palestine not just for refusing to comply with UN Resolutions but to continue to aggravate the situation by continuously seizing Palestinian lands and building Jewish settlements on those lands. Without rehashing all the details in my upcoming book, Israel has violated UN resolutions in regards to Palestinian territory. In simple terms, Israel has to date taken over 70% of Palestinian land and refused to return the land to the Palestinian people. Every attempt by the Palestinians (protests, wars, suicide-bombing) to reclaim their territory is met by Israel full frontal war power; any complaint to the United Nations is deviated by the United States and any attempt by UN or other world agency to bring Israel to compliance is met by Israel flashing the anti-Semitism card.

It is no longer acceptable for the world to sit idle watching Israel decimating the Palestinian population; Israel is at fault, in violation of UN resolutions. The US public must wake up to the reality that Hamas, labeled by the West as a terrorist group, is to the Palestine what the Patriots were to the US during the revolution against the British occupation. Palestinian land has been taken away from them; they have every right to use whatever means to regain their land. Coincidentally, Israel’s terrorist group Lehi was worse than Hamas; Hamas’ actions pale in comparison. Contrary to Hamas which has localized its fights, i.e. to fight Israel for what’s legitimately the Palestinians’, Israel’s terror group Lehi exported its terror overseas. It is disingenuous for Israel to condemn Hamas whose sole objective is to fight for the return of their lands.

So, as the conflicts between Israel and the Palestine are ongoing and dead Palestinian bodies are piling up, don’t be in a hurry to give Israel a pass; Israel has been and remains a wolf mistaken for a lamb since the creation of the State of Israel.

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One thought on “Middle East Crisis – The Solution

  1. If we were to accredit Africa, it is for the very idea of their leaders under OAU to agree to respect state colonial boundaries set by the colonialists. The West are not God fearing having set up UNO as a platform for garnering world peace; ironically have turned this supposed to be sacred organ into their personal property such that they disrespect all resolutions made against their interests. Take an example of wars in Iraq waged against the wishes of the UNO.They ask others to be tolerant and democratic while they can’t respect what they advocate. On the other hand, even the Arabs don’t seem to have any respect either by not exercising tolerance and settle for what it takes to achieve peace. I would suggest let the whole world abide by the UN resolutions however bitter their implications. After all, nations were not what they are today it is all the matter of agreement or natural forces that keep all races on the move. No one can claim to be owning lands otherwise how is it that God blessed Obama a Kenyan by descent perform better leadership in a great foreign land. Even the purported Great Grand Pa of the Israelites/Arabs forfeited is inheritance in Ur of the Chaldeans for Canaan a foreign land who now his descendants are clamoring for oblivious of this historic reality. What a shame you who profess to know God calling yourselves children of God and abase the rest of humanity as Kafirs/Gentiles. Learn to respect God’s creation and coexist with whomever is your neighbor. I would suggest UN to declare JERUSALEM City as a nation of all nations where all religions tracing their lineages from Grand PA IBRAHIM to have their worshipping shrines under the auspices of the UN. Admonish the Jews and Arabs to discard their beastly hateful Tit for tat/an eye for an eye kind of law and embrace the spirit of Y.H.W.H. or ALLAH that is LOVE WITHOUT BOUNDARIES. Let them learn to sacrifice for there is none of them who is right. They must stop throwing up childish tantrums and be man enough to embrace the new law which is the missing link in bringing mutual understanding between these Grand Sons of the Great IBRAHIM.




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