Flashing the Anti-Semitism Card – the Sequel

Six+ years ago (January 2015), I published the article Flashing the Anti-Semitism Card in which I related to almost finite and accurate details exactly what’s currently happening in the ongoing Israeli-Palestino conflict in the Middle East. If one reads between the lines, the killing of defenseless civilians, children and women by Israel’s continuous bombing is not new or accidental.

The Palestinians’ predicament is so much similar to Blacks in America, it can’t possibly escape even the most casual observer; the victims are always to blame for being victimized. For instance, in the western world in general, the United States in particular, Hamas is a terrorist group; how could it not be? Every elected official in America has never missed an opportunity to say so. The People! Say no more. The news media has repeated it over and over and over until it has become the undeniable truth in a country with leaders completely divorced with the truth.

The reality is somewhat different, and much more complex. To get a better understanding of how the West (America in particular), engaged in propaganda against Hamas (a group which has been fighting to defend its own survival and that of the people its members swore to defend, the Palestinians) and labeled it a terrorist group has prevented any real truce from taking hold permanently, read the documentary Israel Can Do No Harm.


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