Flashing the Anti-Semitism Card – the Sequel

To the matter at hand, Hamas is no match to Israel’ powerful military forces and arsenals the Jewish State has used in every conflict, and yet the decision makers in Israel – today, in the person of Prime Minister Netanyahu – have always chosen to use EXTREME measures, seemingly in an effort to decimate the Palestinian people.

Here in America (and in most western countries), any criticism of Israel, any condemnation of its criminal actions towards the Palestinians is Anti-Semitism, a huge umbrella the West has deployed for Israel to take shelter under while committing atrocities without any fear of reprisals or even rebuke; that would be Anti-Semitic after all.

The similarities between the fate of the Palestinians in the Middle East and Blacks in America could not be anymore striking. Israel has been killing defenseless, innocent children and women indiscriminately; unfortunate casualties of war they call it; in reality, those bombing of civilian locations are calculated. Israel’ common defense to committing those types of war crimes is to suggest that Hamas’ fighters hide among civilians. Therefore, it’s okay to kill civilians. The American government – expressing the general sentiment of most Americans – always support Israel’s action: Israel has the right to defend itself is the common refrain of US Leaders irrespective of political affiliation. No US official has ever offered a hint of support or even empathy for the Palestinians. Every discussion in every Israeli-Palestino conflict always hinges around Israel’ rights.

That should not surprise anyone in the Black community, for here in America, unarmed Blacks are killed indiscriminately by police officers; the victims are always to blame. As such, police officers have gotten away with murder again and again and again, leaving open further opportunities to continue their spree of murdering unarmed Black civilians. Any protest by Blacks is deemed unacceptable, annoying, inconvenient; any demand by Blacks to change the predicament is met with rejection, denial of the problem and justification of the police actions. The Palestinians have been under similar predicament under Israel’s oppression all their lives.


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