Flashing the Anti-Semitism Card – the Sequel

Unless the Western countries – US in particular – are willing to enforce the UN Charter Israel has been in violation of for 65+ years, it is disingenuous for our government, or any government in the West to condemn the Palestine and for any resident of any Western country to label people who criticize Israel for its atrocities Anti-Semitic.

It is not Anti-Semitic to demand accountability from the Jewish leaders; it is not Anti-Semitic to enforce UN resolutions; it is not Anti-Semitic to bring Israel to compliance; it is not Anti-Semitic to judge its atrocities towards the Palestinians as criminal acts; it is not Anti-Semitic to force Israel compliance with UN Resolution like all other countries. The International Community Should Act to Stop Israel From Hiding Behind the Anti-Semitism Curtain. It is time. It is well overdue.

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