We The People Are Screwed

It may not even come to that. Donald Trump may be advised to exit the Oval Office, just like Nixon did, and received pardon from Mike Pence who would then assume the presidency for the remainder of the term.

Mrs. Nancy Pelosi’s fear is unfounded. She should reconsider; otherwise, We The People Are Screwed. The United States is already in crisis. Don’t let it become a tragedy! Looking back, it seems I had the prescience of how bad things would be under a Trump’s administration.

One thought on “We The People Are Screwed

  1. Your ability to put on display your hopeless ignorance is astounding, but you can hardly be put to account when you obviously have been following the talking points of MSM all along. Are you aware that already 27 of the people who participated in the coup d’etat of Donald Trump are already gone, and the perp walk of the others is being orchestrated as we speak? http://www.magapill.com Wise up!


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