The Reasons Donald Trump WILL NOT Be Re-Elected – Part 2

In Part One, we began an expose to explain the rationale why we are certain Mr. Trump will not be re-elected. We did promise to provide evidence of our past predictions, a few of which are provided later in this document.

Here are a few links below. For other links, search The People Branch website for your particular 2016 candidate of interest.

Note: Do not just scheme over the articles; they contain elaborate details. The most important aspects in those articles are: 1) Confidence in the predictions 2) how far in advance the predictions were made before the outcomes, well before any pundit would even speculate in private let alone put it in writing 3) the accuracy of those predictions. Here there are:

1.- 2016 Election Update – Democrat Nominee Is… (predicted almost immediately after Hillary declared her candidacy)

2.- The Republican Nominee For 2016 Is… (predicted in February 2016 when everything pointed to Marco Rubio as the possible nominee)

3.- Ted Cruz & Marco Rubio Are Barred From The White House (predicted in December 2015 before the race began heating up)

Now, let’s get back to the topic at hand; let’s take look at the analysis which gives our crew confidence Donald Trump cannot, will not be re-elected.

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Remark: This early declaration of a winner is based EXCLUSIVELY on the premise that Donald Trump will again be the Republican nominee (Watch this space to find out why Mr. Trump may not even seek re-election)


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