We The People Are Screwed

Before the 2016 presidential elections, I published several articles about the danger of Donald Trump becoming president; in one of the articles entitled A Case Against Donald Trump For President, I wrote the following “There are damages, tragedies, devastations one can never recover from; the Donald Trump’s prospect as the next president of the United States is one such instance.” I ended the publication this way “Donald Trump IS NOT WORTH the sacrifice of a nation!”

The only remedy to our Democracy is to impeach Donald Trump. Otherwise, We The People Are Screwed.

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16 thoughts on “We The People Are Screwed

  1. Seems to me Pelosi wants to destroy your republic. Both parties are showing they are wanting to be in power than having a nation to guide to a better future. Power has already corrupted the USA. Don’t let it corrupt the rest of the world!
    Impeach Trump! And then impeach Pelosi!


  2. Your ability to put on display your hopeless ignorance is astounding, but you can hardly be put to account when you obviously have been following the talking points of MSM all along. Are you aware that already 27 of the people who participated in the coup d’etat of Donald Trump are already gone, and the perp walk of the others is being orchestrated as we speak? http://www.magapill.com Wise up!


    • Believing Trump can do no wrong does not change the fact he does wrong every day he lives. I know you have covered your eyes and closed your ears to the truth, but like an ostrich, the danger it refuses to see will still be there when it digs its head out of the sand. Or maybe it will be that the ostritch is no longer there, being eaten by the lion who had his eyes open.
      Destroy the world, or destroy yourself. Yeah, I know, it is easier to destroy the world.


      • I never said Trumop can do no wrong, but I’ll bet you can’t name ten of the 363 things he has done right has has dine right, because YOU are the ostrich!


        • You might think they are right, but few do. I would love to see ten things, let alone 363 things. An stritch hides it head so it does not see its enemies approaching. i cannot do that. I watch everything I can, so as not to miss or misinterpret anything. 363 things done right for you, but not for me.


          • Those of us who support the President don’t consider ourselves the wizards of the earth, but we do see the enemies approaching and it is YOU and your ilk. EVERY country run as Socialist has failed. But you set history aside and think you would do it better. Thanks God you too will fail.


            • If Sweden and Norway are failures, then we are living in different worlds. But you would consider anything a failure that isn’t a capitalist and god-fearing state, so why bother talking to people like me. You’ll never convince us your way is the right way. It harms more people and other living beings than any other system.
              It is only those who do not understand Socialism and Communism who think they are bad ideas!


              • You made a fantastic point which I am afraid will always fall on deaf ears here in America. Very few people in America understand the underpinnings of any form of government including Capitalism Americans claim to have embraced.
                The problem is not so much that this form of government is better than that form or worse than the other; it is the naiveness of most, the unwillingness of some and the exploitation of the naiveness by the very few who establish which form is better, which is not. Here in America, capitalism is very different from Capitalism in UK; how can it possibly be?
                The answer is very simple: the few who decided some time ago that capitalism here is better than capitalism elsewhere and any other form set the rules.
                Don’t believe me?
                Take a look at how they justified slavery and even fought with their lives to keep it going. It was never about Whites hating Blacks – although that’s the case today – it was about capitalism that justifies any means.
                Don’t take much offense in those who comment the way they do; they do not know any better. They cannot know any better.


                • If I can see it, who has no background in politics, the economy, or sociology, except what I have seen from experience, it should not be that hard to see, except that people are not willing to look. Yes they are brainwashed to not even look, but so was I. Yet it was so obvious I had to look, and see. I had no choice.
                  I’m nothing special, just another human being. There must be others.
                  As for not believing you, that doesn’t even come into the question. I have to believe my own eyes.
                  Thanks for your comment.


              • You are 100% correct; talking to people like you is like talking to terrorist; they are always POSITIVE the capitalists will provide the endless stream of money to keep the socialists getting free everything.


                • Socialism does not depend on capitalism for a damn thing. You cannot see such a world, but we can. And how is talking to people who choose peace over war terrorism? We want to see change, not destruction. We want to see equality, not 1% of the world owning 95% of the money. We want everyone to have access to free health care, dental care, pharmaceuticals, etc. Those are things that should not be run by profits, everyone needs them, but not everyone can afford them. That is inhumane. So how are we terrorists?


                  • Interestingly, what you’ve yearned for, aspired to we’ve always had in the capitalist system and yet the gap between those who have are getting richer and the rest has widened considerably as time goes by.
                    Consider the following:
                    The median U.S. household wealth fell between 1983 and 2016 from $80,000 to $78,100 while the average wealth of the top 1 percent of households more than doubled, from $10.6 million to $26.4 million, according to a research published on “The Post” on February 2019.
                    Your very argument has been proven an illusion to achieve in a capitalist system, and yet millions (of like minded individuals) continue to believe that will change.
                    (Your) Hope is something no one can argue against; no one can take that away from you. No one would dare trying to snatch it. That’s all (you) may have left.
                    Remark: my comment does not represent support for some other form of government; it is rather a statement of fact


                    • Unless you are in the top 1%, your comment should be making you look for a different form of government if you do not think you can live in one of the political systems presently available.

                      But even if you are in the 1%, you are human, and you should care about your fellow humans, no matter where they live or what they believe. And you should also believe in every other lifeform, because the ecosystem only works if everyone works together. Destroying nature will only result in destroying all life including our own. No one can survive without others.
                      Or is it only yourself you care about, and your children can cope for themselves. If so, have a happy life. NOT!


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