Why Congress Must Impeach Trump Regardless the Political Cost

Donald Trump MUST be Impeached To Save the Republic!
Not To Impeach Trump Is Unpatriotic, Unconstitutional even.

USA is for Sale, the White House is on Sale.
America Is Now Officially Among the MOST Corrupt Governments in the World.
Way to go America!

Not to Impeach Trump Would Be the greatest affront to our country, to the world, to society. Donald Trump is the perfect sample of what a human being should not be, a sample most parents – logical parents that is – would dread their children to be. Mr. Trump is the individual parents would point to as what not to become. Yet, millions of people who can identify with him voted him in office, continue to support him and even defend his actions. But no president can be impeached for being despicable! We the rest of the country can lament but the Constitution offers no remedy for this problem. Fortunately, the country does not have to accept the vicious individual that he is; Mr. Trump has provided to the Legislative body streaks of corruptions and violations, even violation of the oath of office he took. A violation of the oath of office is more than sufficient to impeach any president.


One thought on “Why Congress Must Impeach Trump Regardless the Political Cost

  1. I agree at heart with what mducheiney is saying to the effect that Trump is totally deserving of impeachment, but, as I’ve said, I worry a lot that his impeachment, followed by failure to convict by the Senate, might strengthen Trump’s political standing (see Bill Clinton), and thereby lead to a second Trump term as President, which would absolutely be the worst possible outcome.


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