We The People Are Screwed

For the first two years of the Trump administration, the country had watched in dismay a GOP controlled Legislative Branch – both Houses – relinquished their legislative duties; they didn’t even bother to pretend trying to hold the Executive Branch accountable for its actions. The Democrats were powerless, and in the face of overt disregard for the rule of law by the president and the shredding of our Constitution, Republican Legislators including the Chairs of Investigative Committees have instead allied with the Executive Branch to continue to erode our democracy. Devin Nunes was caught collaborating with Trump’s Legal Team passing information he collected as Chair of the House Intelligence Committee. GOP pundits like to refer to those types of behavior as politics; they are not and the longterm impact to our country cannot possibly be overstated.

One thought on “We The People Are Screwed

  1. Your ability to put on display your hopeless ignorance is astounding, but you can hardly be put to account when you obviously have been following the talking points of MSM all along. Are you aware that already 27 of the people who participated in the coup d’etat of Donald Trump are already gone, and the perp walk of the others is being orchestrated as we speak? http://www.magapill.com Wise up!


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