We The People Are Screwed

It is a gamble. It is a very big gamble. But more troubling it is a dereliction of Legislative duty by the Democratic Party, just as it was by the Republican’s. Put differently, We The People Are Screwed. It is obvious now that elected officials of both major Parties only need We The People to do their bidding: to shift the levers of power in Washington – from Democrats to Republicans and vice versa – every so often. Beyond that, both Democrat and Republican Legislators would simply give us the fingers. Did I say We Are Screwed?

Any logical individual – no college degree necessary – can easily come to the conclusion that Donald Trump’s presidency is the worst which has happened to the Constitution, to the rule of law and to the integrity of our institutions. No one in the Republican Houses, not a single GOP Representative would use Donald Trump as role model for his/her children. Why not? I asked. He is the leader of the Republican Party; he is the president of the United States; he is the individual “All of You” are defending for having done nothing wrong. So, why is it so difficult to use the individual who occupies the highest office in the land as a role model for your children?

One thought on “We The People Are Screwed

  1. Your ability to put on display your hopeless ignorance is astounding, but you can hardly be put to account when you obviously have been following the talking points of MSM all along. Are you aware that already 27 of the people who participated in the coup d’etat of Donald Trump are already gone, and the perp walk of the others is being orchestrated as we speak? http://www.magapill.com Wise up!


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