We The People Are Screwed

2.- The Republican Senate Might Have No Choice But To Remove Donald Trump

Yes, you read correctly. Despite the public show of support ALL the Republican Legislators have displayed for Donald Trump, behind the scene, the conversations about the Trump administration by those same GOP Representatives reveal deep seated hypocrisy which is ruining the country, our Democracy; it is worse than you think. Most Republicans – even the most ardent defenders of Donald Trump – have admitted to the severity of his actions.

Devin Nunes who was the Chair of the House Intelligence Committee was caught on tape strategizing to save the president for his close collaborations with Russian connections.

Public hearing in Congress would provide enough damning evidence to make it impossible for anyone to continue to shield him. The Republican Senate would not be able to come to the same conclusion they reached in the case of Bill Clinton. One simply needs to imagine the outrage in the country if the Republicans were to try to spare Trump after an avalanche of testimonies which – most are outlined in the Mueller Report – would be heard over the airwaves, reverberating the treasonous aspect of an administration which is simply using the presidency for his personal benefits.

There is no doubt that the Republican Senate would easily come to that conclusion, except for a few holdouts. The Senate might have no choice but to remove Donald Trump.

One thought on “We The People Are Screwed

  1. Your ability to put on display your hopeless ignorance is astounding, but you can hardly be put to account when you obviously have been following the talking points of MSM all along. Are you aware that already 27 of the people who participated in the coup d’etat of Donald Trump are already gone, and the perp walk of the others is being orchestrated as we speak? http://www.magapill.com Wise up!


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