Knowledge and Ignorance Can NEVER Co-Exist

In Part One, I pointed out a number of observable facts within the Republican circle, a few of which I related as follows: Republicans stand for everything they don’t live by. They are Christian; they are Christian Conservatives; they are fiscal Conservatives; they have family values; they have moral principles; they are patriots, all of which can be proven false upon simple superficial observations of their behaviors. And if anyone dares to point that out, s/he must be a damn liberal; otherwise, s/he has betrayed his party, his country; s/he is a traitor.

It is not just this glaring hypocrisy society should be concerned about; we should also be alarmed a very large group of individuals – belonging exclusively to the Republican party – would behave in ways which are harmful, hurtful to themselves if only they can extract the satisfaction of hurting those in the other political party, the Democrats. Republicans would jeopardize their own survival in exchange for a very temporarily abstract benefit.

That is alarming, because that behavior does not fit any pattern of any living organism.


What would you add?

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