Knowledge and Ignorance Can NEVER Co-Exist

It is my view that their deep seated hatred is the only motivation they have to nurture that self-destructive behavior. There is no reward now or in the afterlife. Further analysis suggests more are not even aware of their self-destructive behavior. In an experiment conducted, a dozen registered Republicans were asked whether they would jeopardize their own lives to prevent Democrats from implementing certain policies or passing certain legislation. Not a single Republican thought it would be worth it, and yet when specific examples were presented without repeating the premise, over half would take position that would endanger their own lives.

The experiment led the team to question whether Republicans should be re-classified into a new species or simply labeled as having least adequate intelligence. It’s a premise which deserves further analysis; the premise itself is in stark contradiction to a long known accepted theory as outlined in the following paragraph.

For quite some time now, we’ve accepted the premise that we, humans, belong to a more sophisticated category of the animal species: the superior animal. But a behavior that is self-destructive (for no apparent or explainable reason) cannot be attributed to any living organism, let alone one which would be considered superior to all others.


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