Knowledge And Ignorance CANNOT Co-Exist – Part-2

In Part 4, we spent a great deal of time trying to decide whether Republicans in general (Note: GOP Leaders are not included in our analysis unless specifically mentioned. Most GOP Leaders’ behaviors match those of other living organisms in relation to self-preservation) should be re-classified as a different species (from humans’) or simply considered as having inferior intelligence vis-à-vis other groups in society. The difference should be appreciated although I am uncertain the approach to interacting with Republicans should be markedly different.

Consider their pattern of behavior is natural within the species they belong to (we assume here a species re-classification), how different would such behavior be from someone with low intelligence level vis-à-vis the rest of society? The question is meant to open the door for suggestions on how to interact with Republicans should we conclude one way or the other. Put differently, if their self-destructive behavior is due to belonging to a different species, would similar or comparable behavior due to inferior intelligence make a difference in interacting with Republicans? The answer to such question hinges on the acceptance of either premise.


What would you add?

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