Intelligence Gap – the Big Divide

Most Republicans, almost exclusively those who make up the Republican electorate minus the Representatives (Congressmen/Senators), business and religious leaders (referred to later as just GOP Leaders), have displayed in their daily interactions severe intelligence deficiency. They are easily swayed (conned multiple times) by the GOP leaders even when it is blatantly obvious to the most naïve minds they are being deceived. They try to make up for that serious lack of intelligence by a) adopting and/or embracing labels (such as Christian, Conservative) which convey positive aspects of their characters b) constantly pointing fingers and blaming others who do not subscribe to their “pretended” values c) trading in conspiracy theories to elevate themselves (make themselves feel good).

This phenomenon is difficult to explain but very easily and frequently observed especially within the political framework. That observation would lead the most brilliant minds in the field of psychology to question whether those Republicans belong to the same species as their Democrat counterparts.

What would you add?

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