Intelligence Gap – Fight Between Ignorance And Knowledge

The greatest tragedy for mankind is to live in and trade in ignorance; an indelible truth we, members of the human species, have intuitively or instinctively become aware of, the day we became aware of our own existence. From that moment forward, most – if not all – of our decisions are based on either the knowledge – however small or insignificant – we have acquired or on experiments – trials and errors – that would provide us new and additional knowledge. It is this process throughout our existence which has provided us the building blocks for more and more knowledge as the human species continues to evolve. There has never been any moment in the existence of our species during which we would wish for less knowledge or would outright reject that is imparted with us, unless we discover better, more refined, more sophisticated or simply more appropriate for the occasion. And even in this scenario, we would manage to absorb that knowledge or even part of it for future use, consciously or unknowingly.

What would you add?

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