Knowledge and Ignorance Can NEVER Co-Exist

As proposed earlier, this discussion could veer towards establishing a serious lack of intelligence within a group of a species that is considered highly intelligent. We suggested in Part 3 that the self-destructive behavior (of the Republican constituents; reference does NOT include the GOP leaders) could be explained as forced, meaning the subjects (the Republican constituents) are forced to behave in certain ways, much like an individual who would be forced to commit suicide. If this theory seems extreme, and it probably is, the only other plausible explanation is to accept the premise that the Republican constituents do indeed belong to a species different in very big ways to the human species

In the next series, we will explore the self-destructive patterns of other living organisms and compare their intelligence to that of the Republicans in order to get a better insight into whether that group should be classified differently, is less intelligent or is simply regressing.


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