Planned Parenthood Tragedy Exposes Republicans



It is a reminder that the enemy we should fear the most doesn’t always strap bombs around its waist; it’s much deadlier. It lives in our midst; it’s the neighbor, the co-worker, the individual we meet at the supermarket or the person we sit next to at the movie theater. It’s the individual with a tainted mind; it’s the individual who doesn’t respect the rights of others; it’s the individual who wants his way to be or the high way. It’s the deadliest enemy, the one whose face is unrecognizable, the one who has failed the logic test, the one deprived of humanity, the one who reasons that the end justifies the means. It’s the same individual who likes to be called “Christian Conservative”; it’s the individual who sees nothing wrong taking the lives of others; it’s the individual who applauds tragedy brought on those s/he disagrees with; it’s the individual who look harmless but whose heart is filled with evil. That’s the enemy we should be fearful of, and he lives right here, next to us. It’s the individual who fails to grasp that true freedom can only be achieved when we are all willing to fight for the rights of even those we disagree with. It’s the individual who brought mayhem to Planned Parenthood clinic the day after Thanksgiving; it’s the individual who applauds his action; it’s the individual who rejoices over the deadly outcome of the gunman’s action.

Yes! Republicans and ISIS Share Common Traits
That must be a mistake to compare Republicans with ISIS; no, it’s not. In fact, they’re eerily similar. A great many Republicans are the mirror image of ISIS. I truly wish that was just an insult directed at the Republicans; most unfortunately, many Republicans share common traits with ISIS; they rejoice to tragedy caused by their own on those they disagree with. But fear not! They’re not just Christian, they are Christian Conservatives.

Before you start calling me name, – translation you probably are a radical Republican – before you quip and move on to something else, you might want to take a look in the mirror (which is provided here). Warning: this mirror is not meant for those who already know what they look like and are proud to be; it is exclusively for those who resent the comparison with ISIS but were not aware how sadly similar their behavior and actions are to ISIS’.

Nobody, be it Republican or Democrat, would like to be compared to ISIS, let alone be told to have common traits with the “evil” group. ISIS is so much hated by the world – and for good reason – that even the Muslim communities across the globe are doing all that’s possible to distance themselves further and further from the group. Here in the United States for instance, most everyone rallied against Donald Trump’s statement regarding the Muslim’ Community behavior after the fall of the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001; the gist of Trump’s statement is that he, Mr. Trump, observed Muslims in New Jersey dancing on the streets after the fall of the Twin Towers on that date, a statement rebuked by public officials including the Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie and many news outlets which contradicted Mr. Trump’s “delusional” observation.

How could Republicans (or anyone American for that matter) possibly have any common traits with ISIS? That’s impossible. At least so I thought until…

Republicans “love” being labeled “Christian Conservatives”, except there is nothing Christian about their actions and behavior, more on that later. Over the Thanksgiving weekend while you were out shopping (on black Friday perhaps), at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, CO, a gunman, Robert Lewis Dear, armed with an AK-47 assault rifle stormed into the clinic, opened fire and took people hostage. The standoff between the gunman and the police lasted until 4:52pm local time; twelve people were shot, three of which died, two civilians and 44-year-old officer Garrett Swasey, a six-year old veteran of the campus police force at the Colorado Springs branch of the University of Colorado. Officer Swasey was married; he left behind his spouse and two young children; Officer Garrett was also an elder and co-pastor at a local church; he participated in competitive figure skating. The other two killed in the mayhem were civilians, Jennifer Markovsky, 35 leaving behind  two children and Ke’Arre Stewart, 29, Iraq war veteran leaving behind two girls, ages 11 and 5 respectively.

The gunman, as you might have already guessed, is a “Christian Conservative”; translation, he is Republican. Without boring you with the details, Republicans of all walks of life – belonging to all levels of social classes – have always expressed their opposition to Planned Parenthood. The ideology is so ingrained they’re willing to do anything, I do emphasize anything to close those clinics. And they have; over the years, the “Christian Conservatives” have attacked and vandalized clinics – March 11, 1993, Dr. William Booth was killed by abortion protesters;  1994, John Salvi entered a Brookline, MA Planned Parenthood clinic and opened fire, killing receptionist Shannon Elizabeth Lowney and wounding three others. He then proceeded to another Planned Parenthood clinic where he murdered Leane Nichols and wounded two others. – Over the years, Planned Parenthood clinics have been “bombed”, arsoned and their personnel threatened by none other than “Christian Conservatives”. And every time Planned Parenthood clinics are attacked, the attackers always got the private and silent support of Republican leaders and the overwhelming outpouring support for their actions by “Christian Conservatives”, a behavior that’s eerily similar to ISIS.

The latest stunt by the “Christian Conservatives” is the “manufactured” videos which purported discussions at a Planned Parenthood clinic on how to harness organs of aborted fetuses. They succeeded to a very large extent; Republican Reps in Washington not only made references to the video several times during sessions in the House but they also passed budget which prevents funding or passed bills to cut off federal money for Planned Parenthood. The success of the message in the manufactured video was better than expected; it made way to Fox Opinion (known and referred to by most as Fox News) naturally and debated during several shows as news material. To top it all up, presidential candidate Carly Fiorina gave the “manufactured lies” national attention when she offered intimate details about the cruel procedure of harnessing aborted fetus’ organs, something which did not happen.  So, it should not be surprising that the extremist radicals of the Republican Party took it upon themselves to “right the wrong” Planned Parenthood is presumably doing to unborn babies.

Thus far, I am willing to give a pass to the “righteous Republicans” who perceive everything they disagree with as wrong. But I am not willing to go along with the logic that if they do not like something or they disagree with someone, it must be destroyed; and unfortunately that was the gunman’s rationale on Friday, November 25, 2015, the day after Thanksgiving . Eerily similar to ISIS’ way of thinking when it comes to the West (US, UK, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, etc.) in regards to the Islamic religion. “The infidels (the West)” must be destroyed for they do not know the path of righteousness, according to the Islamic extremists. Put differently, ISIS is not in agreement with the westerners, therefore, they must be destroyed- This is not conjecture on my part; the West has been waging wars against the Middle East for eon, the latest being the Iraq War. The underlining issue, Islam is bad, Christianity is good; therefore, Islam must be destroyed – It seems either Republicans coincidentally share ISIS’ traits or they have embraced ISIS’ way of thinking.

One could easily dismiss the shooting at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs over the Thanksgiving weekend as an isolated case of either a deranged lunatic or an extremist of the Republican Party. It probably is. It is fairly certain the gunman acted alone; however, what ensued is very, very scary. First, there was the deafening silence (of support) by the top Republican leaders; go figure! For two days (48 hours), there was no comment, no statement from any of the candidates aspiring for the seat of the presidency. Republican candidates running for president have nothing to say about Planned Parenthood! Seriously! A French saying “qui ne dit rien consent” (Who says nothing agrees) applies perfectly in this situation.

Of course, the candidates had plenty to say; Republicans are never shy about how they feel about Planned Parenthood. The gunman expressed in action what the Republicans would like to see happen to the clinics. The tragedy was therefore welcome news; even when the Republican candidates finally came out (under pressure of damaging speculation regarding their silence) to condemn the shooting, they used “very measured” language to make their point.

You might be quick to defend their (or your) actions but let me point out there is no amount of spinning which could explain their behavior. First, the long 48-hours silence is just another form of support for the gunman’s action. Of course, all of them would deny that’s the case. What is it then? In contrast, within seconds of the Paris’ attacks, all the Republican candidates (and the Party leaders) came out offering support to the French and condemning the attacks but it would take them 48 hours to do the same for a mass shooting which occurred in our own soil. One has to be darn stupid to ignore the reason for their silence. Maybe they were out shopping; maybe they were having dinner and couldn’t be disturbed; maybe they were taking a nap. Which is it? By now, you should not be surprised to learn that type of behavior is eerily similar to ISIS; even when ISIS is not the author of a mass shooting or suicide, they welcome the outcome, a silent support so to speak.

The Republican candidates for president weren’t the only ones expressing support for the gunman’s action; some Republican supporters went on social media to applaud the action. – A short list is provided at the bottom of this article – Something seems rather familiar about the Republicans’ behavior regarding tragedy to others, those they disagree with; they are either silent (private support) or publicly express their support for the mass shooter. Remember the reference Trump Made about Muslims dancing on the streets! Well, they were not in New Jersey; in fact, they were not in the United States but they did rejoice for the fall of the Twin Tower. And yes, there were also scores of Islamic states which stayed silent when that happened. By some “unfortunate” coincidence, Republicans display similar behavior towards their fellow countrymen. And yet, they would like to be called “Christian Conservatives.” I think it is a disgrace, a travesty even to refer to any Republican as Christian Conservative. Without going through a full list of actions and words which are contrarian to the Christian principles, let me point out first that maybe, just maybe Republicans have no idea what Christian Conservative means. They like the label; it does sound good. But the devil is the devil, no matter what it wears, regardless what it’s called. The very basis of Christianity is love. No one can profess to be a Christian all the while committing murderous acts; no one can profess to be a Christian all the while providing support (be it moral or otherwise) to those who commit those atrocities. And at every turn, both Republican leaders and supporters leave no doubt that not only they share common traits with ISIS but they could also be as dangerous.


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