Knowledge and Ignorance Can NEVER Co-Exist

As of this writing, science has yet to identify a single instance of any living organism (on planet Earth) which behaves in ways which threaten its survival (for no apparently logical reason); however, Republicans do behave that way. In the absence of Dr. Dolittle to translate what’s going on in the animal kingdom, we have to accept the conclusion no such living organism exists.

This parallel between living organisms which behave properly (as expected) and Republicans who behave differently (from all other living organism) triggers the obvious question: do Republicans belong to the human species? A question we attempted to provide some insight into, in the previous publication. Although we did not answer the question directly, we proposed that the self-destructive behavior is sufficient to re-classify Republicans vis-à-vis the human species. Those who might disagree would point to a flaw in my argument, which is I suggest that being different or behaving differently would suffice to re-classify a group (of individuals in this case) into a different species category. Such argument would be valid but it is not the argument I made earlier.

The “behaving differently” (on the part of the Republicans) is associated with a self-destructive pattern which is presumably geared at punishing others (the Democrats) at the expense of their own survival. Such behavior is not any different than that of a suicide bomber although the suicide bomber expects to gain huge rewards for carrying out the task, to be with Allah and awarded with seven virgins in the afterlife. The Republicans on the other hand do not have any such or similar incentives or rewards.


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