Is Donald Trump A Moron?



Did you have to ask?

No doubt Donald Trump the 45th president of the United States is a total moron. I wrote extensively about that here. Confession: I consider everyone who supported, voted for or works for the Trump administration as morons. I said it countless times. Backlash: hated for that reason widely by all Trump’s fanatics – who can blame them? – and ignored mostly by all others until a moron within his administration, Rex Tillerson the former secretary of State mustered enough courage to call the president by his most appropriate name, Moron. Donald Trump is indeed the Chief Moron Officer of America.


One thought on “Is Donald Trump A Moron?

  1. I loved this post! As a devout anti-Trumpist I write about this stuff all the time (I’d love if you had time to read one and provide feedback).

    in terms of some constructive criticism, you don’t need to insert the “featured image” into the top of your post. Since it’s the featured image, it’ll be the first image a reader sees. Right now, you get the same picture twice at the top of the page.

    Unless that was intentional, in which case you should ignore that comment. Blog on, bloggist!!


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