Is Donald Trump A Moron?

Rex Tillerson was one of those opportunists. Besides the opportunity to advance his personal agenda, there was absolutely nothing for him to gain by joining the Trump administration. He made a fortune as Exxon CEO, is recognized the world over and commanded the respect of heads of state around the world. Even in countries where a Secretary of State would face obstacles, Rex Tillerson moved about and around with ease. Why in the world would any sane individual want to throw all that away to work for a president who thinks and acts like a twelve years old child with uncontrollable tantrum? Why would a successful CEO of a global organization subject himself to such humiliation?

GREED! Absolute Greed!

It’s not love for the country; it wasn’t patriotism. It’s the opportunity to open more doors to further his personal agenda.

One thought on “Is Donald Trump A Moron?

  1. I loved this post! As a devout anti-Trumpist I write about this stuff all the time (I’d love if you had time to read one and provide feedback).

    in terms of some constructive criticism, you don’t need to insert the “featured image” into the top of your post. Since it’s the featured image, it’ll be the first image a reader sees. Right now, you get the same picture twice at the top of the page.

    Unless that was intentional, in which case you should ignore that comment. Blog on, bloggist!!


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