Why Does Donald Trump Lie So Much?


Donald Trump is a serial liar; there is no argument here. There is no disagreement about that here in the United States or anywhere in the world. Nevertheless, It is a painful truth to admit that the president of the most powerful country on earth CANNOT speak without lying; It is by sheer accident and coincidence something he says might be true. But Donald Trump is not your typical liar. Jodi Arias lost the “lying trophy” to Donald Trump.

Most people lie a) to get out of a bad situation b) to avoid someone or something c) to defend a position; and most people who lie are very much inclined to repeat the same lie over and over until they believe and convince themselves that the lie is the truth and would swear on their lives they are telling the truth. When they reach that point, they are completely oblivious to the fact that “what’s now the truth” is the same lie they’ve been telling themselves and others.

That’s most people.


5 thoughts on “Why Does Donald Trump Lie So Much?

  1. The answer is, Trump doesn’t “lie”. He exaggerates. Even if one considers his exaggerations to be lies, his policies for America excellent. Another argument in favor of “lies” is that all politicians lie, including BHO and Hillary. Why is Trump lying any different — especially if those “lies” hurt no one?


    • Because he statistically does it more; but, I get it; if we like someone we tend to see the best in them; I think we’re all guilty of that.


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